1558. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 October 2000 at 8:45 AM.

(Non-understandable tongues)

The hammer will strike the anvil at three and mark My Words! The hammer will strike the anvil at three. Push the button, they will say, "Push the button, they will say. Now is the time to push the button. Vengeance is mine! Vengeance is mine! Vengeance is mine! Push the button! Push the button!"

All will come down. All will be in ruins. "Push the button! Push the button!" That's the way it will be when Paris will fall. "Push the button!" Paris and it's people will be destroyed, for the madman has total control of the button. Mark My Words, place it on your calendar - the day that the button is pushed will start the beginning of the end. It will become a day of mourning, a day of evil, a day of celebration, a day of the end. For what I stated will come to be, exactly at three o'clock. For the hour and the day will manifest the beginning of the end, on the day of the storm, when the lighting will strike, when the wind will blow, when the finger will push the button. Remember My Words, the button is there, the finger is there, the evil is there. The end is there. So saith Jehovah with the Power of My Word. The day has come. (over)


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