1448. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 February 2000 at 3 PM.

During prayer the Lord showed me a vision of a bald eagle (American Eagle) on a mountaintop, and I could see that the eagle had a round ball in its mouth. But as I looked closer, I saw it was a Communion wafer or a Communion host. The Communion host was as large as a pizza, maybe even larger, or maybe as large as a round table. Then I could see small bites being eaten off of it. They looked like bites people would make. I could not see the people, but you could see that the Communion host was being eaten, and it was eaten all up.

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, "It is I. I am going to stretch you, Ray." Then the Lord showed me something like gum being stretched. Then the Lord said, "It is I." (over)


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