352. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 September 1993 at 12:28 AM. in Spanish.

I have chewed. I have chewed her. All that is evil. All that is from the devil. For The End has arrived; the End of everything that you know; All that you knew, and all that you wanted to know. The End has arrived. You have to hear Me, for the date is in front of your nose. Form yourself with everything that is good. Form yourself with everything that is well, I tell you the things of God, all that I made in the manner of God, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is your Father.

Inform yourself of what is going to happen My little son. Everything is going to happen as I told you, in the manner that I told you. Don't worry, all will become well. Everything will happen well in the manner of God, with the Word of God. Send the Word of God to the places I tell you in the manner that I tell you, for the Word of God has Force. It has everything of God.

Don't worry of how it arrives, or how they are going to take it, and how they are going to eat it. For your job is just to send the Word, and that's all. I know how to protect Myself, and I don't need your help. Your job is just to send the Word of God, in the manner of God. I have the Force to enforce everything.

Make yourself strong. Rest, and tomorrow We will begin again. I have lots of work for you to do, and We are just beginning. Make yourself strong for here comes the Train, and I want all to have tickets. So they can catch the Train, the Train of Heaven, the Train of everything that is good, of all that is straight, the Train of your Father, the Train of the Son, the Train of the Holy Spirit. Rest My son, I will call you in the morning, in the manner of God. 


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