2020. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 December 2010 at 3:40 PM


Vision: The Lord showed me a wooden match striking the inside wall of some kind of metal tube. The wooden match caught on fire.

Vision: Then the Lord showed me another wooden match striking the top of a rock and the match caught fire.

Vision: Then the Lord showed me some sweet pastry being removed from an oven.

Vision: Then the Lord showed me a woman’s pubic area.

Vision: Then I heard and saw a hammer. It was hammering a small, dark brown cross into the ground. The cross was made out of two small sticks. The cross stood about two feet tall.

Vision: Then I heard the sound of running water coming from a small brook or stream.

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, "Those who have eyes let them see and those with ears let them hear."

I know Reymundo that you see and hear me. Tell the world the parables of your God Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.



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