When Billy Graham goes home…


Benny Hinn with Mark Chironna on TBN Show around 21 July 2012


Video Dialogue:


Benny Hiin replying to what his guest Mark Chironna had jut said: "So it's permanent power that bring permanent mercy on peoples lives, and what you just said is so right on.... You have a little more in you... I can see it."

At this point the Mark Chironna is reluctant to speak, but Benny Hinn says "I see it all over you" and urges Mark Chironna to speak, so Mark Chironna finally gives in and speaks...

Mark Chironna: "We are coming into perhaps the most significant day in church history, and there are a number of things that are going to begin to converge. When you talked about Luke and the signs, there is going to be a convergence of the signs and with it there is going to be..."

( Benny Hinn interrupts with: "You are talking about an acceleration" )

Mark Chironna continues: … "An acceleration and they are all going to overlap, and when that happens, there is a company of people"

( Benny Hinn interrupts with: "Are you hearing this" )

Mark Chironna continues: … "And when it happens, there is a company of people that have been hidden I God for a season, but they are coming out of hiding, and they are going to stand in the courts of Pharaoh, and they are going to challenge the spirit..."

( Benny Hinn interrupts with: "Like Elijah" )

Mark Chironna continues: … "Like Elijah did, like Moses did, they are going to challenge the powers of Egypt, and the earth is going to see a twenty-first century manifestation of the demonstration of the Spirit, not from one or two, but from a many membered body, God is going to have the church of His dreams.

All of the institutionalising we have done to the church, all the thing we have done to try and make it our thing instead of God's thing, God has had the church under wraps for 2000 years, maybe that's why there is 2000 cubits between where this generation is and the ark, because God wants a church that's been hiding and prepared for power by severe tests, severe trial, sever tribulation, every single season and they feel like they are not going to be used and it's too late and it's all over, and that's the company that is prepared for power.

They have been like John the Baptist in the wilderness eating locusts and wild honey, strange food, they have had to learn to glean from the Word, when they were just getting little pious platitudes from preachers all around the country. And they are being weaned away from everything that is contradictory from the powerful truth of the Word of God, and that company is coming out of hiding, they are going to cross Jordan and they are going to move into a manifestation of power, where there won't just be power on one or two, there is going to be power on multiplied thousands and thousands..."

( Benny Hinn interrupts with: "And may I add... The sign will be Billy Graham's death... No no, I am being Roi... You are talking about a people in hiding just like Elijah was in hiding in Cherith, but when he came out he challenged the prophets" )

( Mark Chironna interrupts with: "Right into the courts.... those are the same spirits, those are the same principalities"

Benny Hinn continues: "And the Lord said to me in 89, He said when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home, will be the key, it will be the sign of the beginning of the greatest revival on earth. Oral is home... Billy is about to go home, and when He does, I am telling the whole church get ready"


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Billy Graham at 99

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