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All crop circle images on this page are FREE to download and distribute, providing you do not crop the image, excluding the title, and by giving attribution with link to this web page.


 Crop circle discovered on 23rd August 2008 at Liddington Castle, Wiltshire, UK

This crop circle was only captured by Crop Circle Connector and thus only available by purchasing their CD, however a Google search will yield some results. 

Note this crop circle was found located next to what looks like a meteorite impact, and may be a hint to a meteorite impact linked to the date 7 November 2012





It is my unwavering opinion that Crop Circles are from God.

The Crop Circles on this website is my personal selected choice of what I consider to be some of the most significant patterns with a message.

None of crop circle images on this website are original.

Every image was carefully analysed and reconstructed to reflect a 1:1 ratio as though they were photographed from directly above.

I deliberately included the tramlines in all the images to create an authentic feel, and I believe that in some cases, they are part of intended hidden message.


Prophecies and Crop Circles images are like parables or enigma's.

By curiosity, we try to unravel and determine the intended message.

If we fail to discern it before hand, it will be discerned in retrospect.



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